What it feels like to be a Millennial Tory

What it feels like to be a Millennial Tory

My friend and I got together to see if we could create a masterpiece intro for my vlogs. I wanted something that was quirky, that reflected me. But as we started creating I realised, this was becoming more about how I’m feeling as a Millennial Tory. Take a look…


So i’m patriotic, I love my country and I am Conservative. I believe in Conservative values such as giving a hand up instead of a hand out and hard work always pays off. I am also quite young compared to many other active members. However I am always on trial because I generally don’t look or sound like someone involved with politics. I am on trial by traditional Conservatives, by the opposition parties, by the public and by social media. I am who people say they want in politics but I am also expected to change to conform with the way politicians look and sound like….confusing yeah?!

Now I expect the opposition parties to put me on trial, I do it to them so I will take that one. They can pick apart my policies and my suitability to do the job as an elected representative (if I ever win an election). Trial by social media isn’t ideal but it comes from putting yourself out there. It’s the other areas of being on trial that I find frustrating especially by some of my fellow Tories. I will add at this point that most are great and my previous blog still stands. Unfortunately there are a small group that just simply like the idea of me but would much prefer if I was different, as in more like them. 

Desperate for a fresh face with ideas us young are welcomed with open arms at first. We are asked our opinions and are met with as much enthusiasm as we have ourselves. But as the time goes on we’re slowly chipped away. Told we divide opinion, maybe rein in that enthusiasm we had that’s now becoming tiresome. I was once asked if I was cold because my floor length summer dress was strappy so my shoulders were exposed. Ah ok this means I need to change the way I dress. I was asked in a meeting if I swore on social media. Yeah occasionally I do actually, I also swear in person, sorry not sorry. I’m expected to no longer share content to my friends on my private social media platforms in case it’s a bad reflection on the party, not the party rules I might add, just a small group of people who have decided they are judge, jury and executioner . I found the meme of the new Toy Story film entitled “Andy’s Mum’s Toys” quite amusing and decided to share it with my friends. Quelle Suprise some weren’t happy. Sorry again but I’ve got 2 children so I hate to break it to you but I’ve had sex…twice! (twice may actually be a lie, it may be a few times more shhh) And Andy’s mum has had sex at least twice too!  Sex may be taboo for you but it isn’t for me.

I also go out drinking, and shocker last weekend I went to a gay bar and watched burlesque dancers shake around what the good lord gave them. I feel no guilt about living the normal life someone in their early 30’s lives. I am a normal human being, all politicians should be normal and live normal lives. I shouldn’t be expected to change because I want to be a politician and the public claim they want people who look and sound like them. So why do I need to change to look and sound like you, not them?

I write from the heart and I talk about what normal people talk about. I can relate to people on the doorstep because I’m the same as that person on the doorstep. I will write about LGBTQ+ rights and I will campaign for better services for the community. I will open up about my disability and my mental health struggles at times because again its normal day to day life.  I will carry on promoting what ever cause I think is important and if that’s self promotion then i’m going to promote the hell out of myself, to be that voice for all the other me’s in the world that feel like they’re on trial too. But most importantly I’m going to stop saying sorry for being me. 

Finally this a message to those who do believe they are judge, jury and executioner, I’m not sorry for being a typical Millennial Tory you claim to want but only if I change to be less Millennial. I’m not sorry for who I am, so accept me or don’t. But stop putting me on trial every day and expecting me to change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Stop chipping away at us Millennials and expecting us to change because we wont. We are as much Conservative as you even if we don’t look or sound like you. Why not embrace the difference? It will take far less energy or at the very least leave us be. 

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  1. Great Vlog intro but a brilliant blog post.

    ALL Conservatives should be clear about what we stand but should also remember we represent a broad Church of opinions (as clearly demonstrated by Brexit).

    Keep it up Sam!

    P.S. Being a rural Tory I’m not sure I agree with your lantern/balloon position.

    1. Hi Stephen thanks for comment. Glad you liked the blog post.

      Re Lantern/balloons. I am against the sale of them full stop, I just don’t think IBC can enforce their proposed ByLaw and it should be our MP thats pushing for a complete ban in Parliament instead.

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