The show must go on
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The show must go on

Further to my previous blog, I felt it necessary to write a follow up blog regarding the Gainsborough Community Fun Day. Some of you in the area will know that this fun day has now been rescheduled to 29th July and we hope to see many people attend and enjoy the day. Its been a hard slog for us organisers of the day, at times I’ve doubted if we could even pull this off. Suppliers haven’t been able to attend and many volunteers were no longer available due to the change of date. However through all of this, there have been one or two amazing and determined people who never gave up.

The focus has remained the same, provide a low cost fun day for families in the area. We wanted something for everyone and when we went through what we are providing for the day, we believe we have achieved this. There will be a tea dance at the scout hut, local singers for entertainment, free inflatables, messy play, sports activities. You name it and some how we have managed to get it. Ipswich Borough Council have also come along board and helped us fill the gaps that were left with the change of date and we are thankful for that. They have helped us in the latter stages and we may not have been able to keep going had they not have stepped up.

Now all we can do is pray for sunshine and a good turn out. I hope on the day to take a step back and be able to observe the event and take it all in. To some this is a small fun day but to me this is about a group of people truly understanding where they live and getting together to do something positive for their community. The people I have been working along side have been inspirational and have come from that strong place of positivity. On a personal level my friends have been great, some very new friends and life long friends have supported this because they saw how much it mattered to me and to receive that support has been fantastic. So what began as me volunteering to maybe help putting out some tables and just be an extra helper, has developed into much more and something extremely rewarding. To everyone who has helped so far, I thank you.

For anyone who wants to attend the day, the tea dance is being held at the scout hut at 12 until 2 and the rest of the fun day is being held on Landseer Park 1 until 4 on 29th July. Please come along and have a great day!

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