The Danger of the Protest Vote

The Danger of the Protest Vote

So we have 4 weeks until the local elections. 4 weeks to get a message across, to discuss what our vision is for our ward and for Ipswich. Unfortunately the conversation is still been dominated by Brexit. The majority of questions I receive, are about my stance on Brexit. Though I try and include who I am, what I do already and what I want to do as a Councillor and then answer the question on Brexit, I know in my heart of hearts the voter literally just wants to know what my opinion is on leaving the European Union. Brexit has dominated our lives for the last 3 years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult on the door to discuss grassroots politics with people, to focus the issues that will affect them on a daily basis.

So my plea is that though Brexit is quite frankly a mess, remember that history tells us that when a nation becomes angry with their politicians typically extreme left and right wing parties form and build up the protest votes. Don’t allow temptation to protest vote open the door for dangerous extreme parties to walk through. As a Brexiteer I feel extremely betrayed by politicians including those in my own party but the real danger is turning your back on a party who stands for so much more leaving the European Union and walk straight to the party with extreme and divisive opinions in an attempt to stick it to the man. We have seen the disasters that happen when people protest vote in the most recent years being the rise of Donald Trump. Please remember that once Brexit is finally over, whenever that might be, your day to day lives still need to be lived. Please remember what the Borough election is actually about. Please vote for the best candidate for the job and not through anger of the betrayal that is Parliament.

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