The Ayes had it and then they didn’t

The Ayes had it and then they didn’t

Well what can I say about the current state in Parliament other than, why? 

The Conservative Party came out in celebration of the Prime Minister coming away from Brussels with a new and improved withdrawal agreement. I must admit I am one of those sad people who felt a flutter of excitement when that was announced. Could this be the thing that finally gets us over the line and gives all us politicos the very thing we need to get on with our lives? I of course have read the agreement and have sought out advice from my better educated colleagues in the political world. The general vibe is that it’s a new and improved version of May’s deal. It shouldn’t be some heartbreaking No Deal that remainers are terrified of and it not the remain in sheep’s clothing that May’s deal would have been. SO you would think this would go through wouldn’t you?

Well, that’s where we are all wrong and frankly fed up with everything!

Saturday Parliament sat to debate and vote on the Letwin Amendment. This fundamentally postponed the vote on the withdrawal agreement because it says Parliament will withhold approval of the deal until the bill implementing Brexit has passed. Delaying it meant the Benn Act then kicked in after 11pm forcing the PM to ask for an extension of article 50 holding the government to ransom. 

Now Boris of course did that in his own way by sending an unsigned letter of the extension request and another one saying he personally doesn’t feel an extension is in the interest of the UK or the EU along with a photocopy of the Benn Act.  

Today Parliament debated on if the house agreed to give the bill what they call a second reading, which is basically having a look at it and scrutinising the agreement and is the first opportunity for the house to debate it. This vote was announced as the Ayes have it, ie Yes won agreeing to the second reading. I sat there thinking ok, well the agreement hasn’t been rejected at this stage, maybe just maybe this could get through. Then the 2nd vote came tonight which is voting on the motion programme. This is the vote carried out agreeing to the timetable for the passage of the bill, ie when it can be looked at and then debated on. Of course we are now looking at a race against time as no deal at this stage kicks in at the end of the month so the timetable needs to be tight. Quelle suprise the Noes had it on this vote. Parliament rejected the timetable so now we are in limbo…though don’t tell Mogg I used that term as he corrected someone in the house for using the word limbo…yes I am that much of a geek that I watched it all tonight!


What does this now mean? Well to be honest I felt I was out of my depth long before now and I am treading water like everyone else right now. The government could come back with an amended timetable, there could be an extension granted by the EU OR we could run out of time and have a no deal brexit after all. These are the options I have come up with whilst my brexit related headache reappears. 

Remainers each time think that these pathetic stunts of kicking the can down the road is one step closer to remaining full stop, I see this as further antagonism which could result in the silent majority becoming less silent if this goes much further. But I am still confident that Brexit will happen. When? Well that’s the million dollar question. 

I hope this helps and I hope even more that soon I shall be writing hoorah we have left!


P.S. if like Labour’s Christ Bryant you were worried about how MPs on a basic salary of £79k could afford childcare on a Saturday for that once in a blue moon sitting, the taxpayer is footing the bill.


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