Sam Murray

Local Conservative Activist for the Ipswich Conservative Association

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Who is Sam?

Sam is a small business owner,  who also works part time for a charity in Ipswich Hospital & has two young children. The family support local community projects such as the Bulb planting on Queensway Park, tree planting with the Ravenswood Wildlife group, arranging local litter picks and Sam helped to organise the Gainsborough Community Fun Day. Sam has successfully campaigned for a local Defibrillator, lobbied Councillors and the MP to support those in social housing on Fen Bight Circle which is resulting in new heating systems, and helped those who were affected by the reduction of bus services. She has a strong work ethic and is determined to be a voice for those in her community who feel they don’t have one.

Sam meeting the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock

As a Mother

Sam is a mum of 2. Though she has always been interested in politics and her community, this became far more important to her when she became a mother. She now has 2 inquisitive people in her household she has to answer to. Not only do they question everything such as why people litter, they also look at Sam as a role model. She wants to create the best environment for her children to grow up in and wants to be a person her children admire and aspire to be like. They are her motivation. 

As a business woman

Sam set up her own business in 2012 based on the desire to be in charge of her own destiny. She wanted her work to fit around her life with her children and took the leap of faith to leave the corporate world. This has been one of her biggest challenges, especially as statistically only 4 in 10 businesses are still trading after 4 years. But having survived 7 years so far she has shown that her drive and determination to never give up is paying off. 

Boris Johnson

As a political activist

At the young age of 10, Sam decided that she was one day going to be Prime Minister after her teacher told her to aim high. But it wasn’t until 21 years later that she felt she had a greater understanding of life and so could make a difference without falling into the category of “career politician”. She believes in the Conservative Party values and since joining the party has met a number of politicians and activists. She isn’t shy to challenge the views of politicians and strives to be part of the positive changes she feels is needed. 

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