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The high street economy is changing – Ipswich needs new innovative ideas if it is to thrive. 

Only the Conservatives will:

  • Make Borough car parks and Ipswich Buses cheaper for Ipswich residents.
  • Set up a retail discount scheme to give refunds from independent retailers including discounts on bus travel.
  • Support local businesses and shops with their business rates. 
  • Stop properties remaining empty for years – like the old Post Office – and get new tenants in.
  • Improve cleaning of the town centre
  • Plant more trees and take air pollution seriously. 


Local people have told us their main concerns are crime, anti-social behaviour and issues surrounding parking. 

We will allocate £300k annually to provide extra Police Officers on our streets – we want you to feel safe in your neighbourhoods. 

Parking Enforcement will be expanded – we will not allow areas of our town to become lawless. We are listening to your concerns. 

We will consult better with residents and neighbourhood groups when funding is allocated to tackle gangs and crime hotspots. 

We will build on the partnership working that is already in place in the town, to improve community integration 


We have one simple policy when it comes to new council and social housing in Ipswich: 

We will do whatever we can to ensure that local people have a higher priority in the allocation of housing than those from outside of Ipswich. 

This means that the more connection you have with Ipswich – the greater your chance of getting a council house. 

Your Labour Council has prioritised people with zero connection to Ipswich over local families for social housing. This must not continue. 

A Conservative Council would operate a Residency Requirement for our Social Housing, we want to put Ipswich residents to the front of the queue.


Many residents have expressed their concerns about the poor quality of consultation by the council. Just look at the Cornhill redevelopment as a prime example. 

On major projects we will ensure that there is greater awareness and that residents understand what is proposed and how to have a say. 

We will encourage more consultation via face to face events, area committees as well as involving local organisations, where appropriate. 

Major public schemes, such as the Cornhill, could be voted on by the public. 

Only with the Conservatives will Ipswich people have a real say in the future direction of the town 

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