Local Issues

Your priorities are Sam’s Priorities

Safe in your home
and your community

Everyone should feel safe in their home and community. This will be Sam’s number 1 priority. She will work closely with the safer neighbourhood team, the council and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore to make Priory Heath a safer place to live. 

Community is important

It is important to give back and work together for a better neighbourhood. Sam is the secretary of the Gainsborough Community People’s Forum and a member of the Ravenswood Residents’ Association and friends of Landseer Park. She will work hard to support more community groups and make to make Priory Heath a better community.  

A voice for local people

We cannot thrive if we feel like our voices aren’t being heard. Sam will continue to be the voice for our community ensuring we are not forgotten. She has already been doing this by lobbying  the council and campaigning on issues in the ward. She has had a number of wins already, so imagine how many wins we will have when she is your Councillor.   

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