Has Labour Council Leader misled the public?

Has Labour Council Leader misled the public?

The project on Cornhill has struggled to get the public behind it from the start, and with recent tragic event, trust in our council is at an all time low. Concerned by safety of the new work carried out, Ipswich Conservatives have been questioning if the Labour led council are doing all they can to make the area safe. The most recent being on 30th Jan 2019 where at full council meeting Conservative Group Leader Cllr Ian Fisher asked

“Does the Leader agree that we missed a vital opportunity by not ordering an independent investigation after the initial accident had taken place and after the Conservative Group asked for one back in November?”

In true Ellesmere fashion the response was as follows

“Could I just gently remind Councillor Fisher and indeed all Councillors of the previous answer that I gave to Councillor Cook. We do not currently know the circumstances leading up to the tragic accident on the Cornhill (number one), and we have been advised that no additional precautionary measures are required to be installed in advance of the full independent advice being received”

As unsatisfactory as the answer may have been the answer was clear, that it was felt there would be no changes required with immediate effect. Interestingly just 2 weeks later, up pops large planters clearly marked with the instructions of “step down, use handrail”. This to me poses a number of questions, did the Council Leader know that these had been ordered when he informed the public that no additional precautionary measures will be required? Is he intentionally misleading public? If not, what has changed since then and why haven’t we been made aware of new information? What is Cllr Ellesmere hiding from the public?

With many unanswered questions around this project, one thing I know for certain, this type of behaviour by the Labour Council leader is why people don’t trust politicians.


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