Do the local Lib Dems really care about the environment?

Something bizarre is happening at the Suffolk Coastal Liberal Democrats. It’s as if the Parliamentary candidate doesn’t quite believe in her own Party’s line when it comes to climate change. I think we can all agree with the idea we can all do more to save the planet. It’s why a lot of us recycle, re-use our shopping bags and have reduced our single use plastics. However, Julia Ewart the Liberal Democrat Candidate is struggling with the basics.

Yesterday at 22:26 she posted a Facebook post about the Liberal Democrats’ focus, which is tackling the climate emergency. However, less than an hour after posting this she uploads a video of her being in Walberswick. The odd thing about the video is that she is surrounded by Liberal Democrat Balloons!

Julia’s Facebook 26th Nov 2019

Today Julia again shares an article by the Liberal Democrats and begins her post with ” Our addiction to plastic poses an enormous threat to our planet’s future. We need to start here, in #Suffolk , as much as anywhere else.” Then an hour later posts another photo of her being surrounded by promotional balloons!

Today (27th Nov) Again on Julia’s facebook page

I’m not sure Julia is getting it. Surely we need to tackle our own use of plastics and other materials that are harmful to the environment? Or is this another politician with the motto of ‘Do as I say and not as I do?’.

Balloons are incredibly harmful to our environment. Even if these balloons are latex which are considered bio-degradable,they can take from 6 months to 4 years to decompose and whilst they are still around the cause no end of problems, including causing harm to our local wildlife and beyond. The issues surrounding balloons are outlined very well by this link :

I really think Julia needs to truly believe in the cause of tackling climate change, if this is one of her key manifesto issues, especially as the party she is claiming to represent have declared a ‘war on plastics’. Her party’s article states ” The Liberal Democrats demand better for our environment. We need a rapid plan to eliminate plastic pollution if our seas are to recover from the damage we’ve done.”

It is incredibly disingenuous to claim that as a Liberal Democrat MP for Suffolk Coastal (if she wins), she will support the cause when she is also plastering photos over social media of being surrounded by party branded balloons, on multiple occasions throughout her campaign. This behaviour suggests Julia doesn’t care about the environment as much as she would like us to believe.

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