Anything for a vote hey?

Anything for a vote hey?

So as we get closer to the big day where we vote in the local elections the opposition has upped it’s blame game. Back and forth will undoubtedly continue until the final hour, but I am beginning to wonder where the line is of what is acceptable and what isn’t for the sake of a vote or two.

I am more than happy to engage in banter. For example when the Labour opposition decided to canvass the very street I live on. Of course when I saw them and then the tweet that followed I gave some playful reply back all in the name of banter.

Tweet exchange

I also posted a photo of their leaflet amended to make it more accurate. These are harmless back and forths.

A bit of fun with Labour’s leaflet

However, there is also a far nastier side to the election which is undoubtaly causing fear and anxiety to the very people we wish to represent. This year confidential information was ‘leaked’ to the press regarding a review by Suffolk County Council on child services. This is a cross party review taking place. It isnt even at a consultation stage and no decision has been made to what the outcome of this review may be.

This hasn’t stopped Labour using this to their political advantage in a desperate attempt for some controvesy to win votes. I have been personally contacted to ask if I support Children’s Centre closures with some form of expectation that I would say yes??? I am a mother of 2, one of which has autism. The Children’s Centre was a lifeline as was the speech and language hub we had to attend for my son. Why on earth would I be in favour of closures? I am however in favour of reviews to make sure the services are running effectively and are offering sufficient services due to the change in demand over time. Ipswich Borough Council are currently having a consultation over its sport’s and leisure facilities. Surely this is the same thing?

If the time ever came that a decision has been made then of course I will react then and do anything I can do to protect vital services if they are at risk. But what I will not do is cause unneccssary distress on Parents and staff who are now wondering if their facilities and jobs are at risk because Labour want to play politics with their lives. This is not acceptable and it demonstrates that for some, they would do anything for a vote.

I am not like that, I have a moral compass and I will gain my votes the correct way. By showing who I am, what I am about and calling out the improper behaviour from my opposition. I would not actively harm people I claim to represent. My motto is not “anything for a vote”

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